Communication Studies Major

Discover communication principles and learn to apply them to contemporary issues as you build writing, speaking, and analytical skills.

The communication studies major has a three-fold function:

  1. It allows students a greater understanding of the role that communication plays in shaping culture and identity.
  2. It looks at the ways in which the process of meaning-making (whether through the use of words, images, symbols or technology) is used strategically to influence human judgment and actions.
  3. It sharpens students’ critical thinking abilities, thus enabling them to become ethical producers and consumers of messages.

This three-fold function is accomplished through a theoretical and practical focus on argument development and through a close examination of the ways ideas are discussed, advocated and circulated in public and private life.

These emphases give students the opportunity to develop speaking, writing and analytical thinking skills that will allow them to become better ethical participants in the process of creating, critiquing and disseminating meaning.

View the degree requirements for the major in the undergraduate catalog. 

“ Due to my knowledgeable background of being a communication studies major, it was very easy for me to adjust to the culture of the [Royal Farms] Arena. With all the writing skills and techniques I’ve developed being in the frame of study, I never found myself overwhelmed or stunned when I needed to create verbiage for press releases, statements, or any sort of captions for social media accounts. ”

Jillian Szczesny, Class of 2018