Academic Programs

We offer five undergraduate programs in communication and cultural studies and a graduate program in communication and advocacy.

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Communication studies courses give students a foundation in communication theories and their interrelated contexts, the application of theories to contemporary issues and the scholarly methods of studying communication.

The cultural studies major gives students the opportunity to develop writing, researching and communication skills on topics they are passionate about. The skills gained will allow them to become experts in critical theory, cultural critique and the art of advocacy.

Graduates with majors in communication studies have gone on to graduate school or careers in the public sector, private industry, non-governmental organizations and education. Communication studies alumni work in areas such as public affairs, corporate relations, law, religion, sales, lobbying, entertainment, human resources, conference and meeting management, training and development, health communication, teaching and consulting.

Students graduating from the cultural studies major at Towson University find work in a variety of sectors including diversity and inclusion work, law and government, journalism and publishing, technology, non-profits, media and entertainment, community organizing and international relations. Graduates also have a competitive edge when applying for scholarships and grants like Fulbrights, programs like the Peace Corp and graduate programs across a variety of disciplines. 

Communication Studies

Cultural Studies