Dance Company

The Dance Company's fall and spring performances showcases new works by Towson University faculty and renowned guest artists, such as Mark Taylor, Alonzo King, Larry Keigwin, Troy Powell, David Parsons, Mark Dendy and Gus Solomons.

The Towson University Dance Company, founded in 1978, produces quality theatrical dance concerts, educates diverse audiences, and provides professional-level performing experiences to its company members.

The Dance Company, an elective course, holds auditions twice a year. Company members include students in the professional-level BFA Dance Program as well as TU students in other programs who are exemplary dancers.

Towson University Dance Company serves the community through free biannual school matinees, a performance/lecture demonstration for the Baltimore region preK-12 students, and tailors its concerts to interested presenters.

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Special FREE Matinee Performance ~ Tapestries

On May 4, 2018 at 11:00 am, Towson University  Dance Company (TUDC) is pleased to present a free matinee performance for the K -12 schools. This free matinee will also be offered to the first responders, military, and senior citizens in our community.  TUDC appreciates and honors the work, service, and presence of these incredible people in our community and looks forward to celebrating them with a free afternoon of dance.      

Dance Company Audition 

Company Audition for Spring 2018
Tuesday December 12, Noon-2:00pm
Center for the Arts, Studio 1008

Dance majors and non-dance majors exhibiting proficient ballet and modern dance training are invited to participate. 

Dance Company – Structure and Time

Dance Company is a two-course combo as seen below. These two courses are taught back-to-back for a continuous technique and company experience:

Mon-Thur 9:00-10:50am DANC 428.001 – Modern III 
Mon-Thur 11:00-11:50am DANC 481.180 or DANC 481.181 or DANC 383.003 
(You will be assigned one of these courses based on casting.)

  • If and when you are accepted into company you must enroll in two of the courses listed above as assigned. Special permissions will be entered after the audition.