First Year Experience

The foundational first year experience prepares students in basic professional practices and builds a healthy community between incoming students, faculty, and staff.

The foundational courses, taught by full-time faculty, offer a rigorous core of knowledge in dance technique, performance, composition, history, music, anatomy/kinesiology and production skills. 

Incoming students take courses together to build a cohort group. Foundation Faculty work closely together to assess individual student needs, instill healthy professional habits, and encourage excellence in all course work. The foundation year establishes professional skills needed for upper level courses and launching a successful career in the dance field. 

A student must earn a 3.00 GPA, "B" or better in the Foundational courses (total 24 units). Only students with the highest GPAs within the Foundational courses will be accepted to continue the B.F.A. in Dance Performance. After the Foundational First Year, Dance majors must maintain a 2.50 GPA in dance courses to be eligible for graduation with a major in Dance.