Our Alumni

Dance Alumni work....they work in a wide varity of jobs across the nation and the world - including performance, choreography, dance education, and arts administration. 

In the fifteen year period between 1994 and 2009, 84% of dance department alumni found jobs teaching dance, performing, or working in dance administration. In spite of the recent recession, our graduates continue to successfully pursue careers in dance. 

Virtually all of our PreK-12 graduates who decide to teach find jobs working in public and private institutions. Examples of our alumni are below:

Rebecca Morgan (S01) directing more than 500 students at Elite Dance Studio in Silverspring, the school; she opened in 2006;

Danny Gillard (S05) performing in Braunschweig, Germany;

Maura (Pierannunzio) Herrera (S06) in London studying at the R.A.D. Masters of Teaching Dance Program;

Maya Hardy (07) finished recently her MFA in Dance Performance/Teaching at SUNY Purchase;

Samantha Harvey (08) performing with the Rockettes;

Heather Zampier (09) directing the Dance Academy of Severna Park;

Rebecca Hayden (F10) working with Youth America Grand Prix, an international ballet competition. 

Alumni Advisory Board

Building on our Departmental Vision, Dancing for a Lifetime", we hope to build and nurture our professional relationships for a lifetime. 

The Alumni Advisory Board meets yearly and coordinates programs to engage Alumni in meaningful relationships with our current students, faculty, and other alumni. The vision of the board is to create a network of Towson Dance Alumni that share professional and personal ties across the nation and the world. 

For more information, contact Sidney Pink at spink@towson.edu.