Electronic Media & Film Minor

Explore different electronic media formats  and film  genres, and discover the power of  a strong concept and a compelling story.

tv studio production

This minor can help you develop your voice and prepare to share stories that can draw from your major program of study.   The minor requires a total of 24 units: 9 units in core requirements, 3 units in media writing, 3 units in production and 9 units in elective courses.  Choose from electives that focus on specific audiences and formats, including developing screenplays, international cinema, women and gender in film and media and screenwriting. View degree requirements for the minor in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Media Access

Towson’s Media Center gives you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in creating your own productions.  Take advantage of the journalism, multi-media, video and audio labs.

Get Involved

Gain experience at Towson’s student-run radio and television stations. Sign up for the department’s listserv and learn more about internships, jobs and competitions in the field, and prepare to advance your career.