Why Study Electronic Media & Film?

Your work in the department begins with a vision, not a camera; with a voice, not a microphone. Through your coursework, you will develop a host of capabilities.

  • Become a flexible and expressive storyteller able to write and produce in many forms and styles.
  • Develop your skills in  traditional as well as emerging media technologies.
  • As an articulate, critical, and literate citizen, you will broaden your understanding of the history, theory and aesthetics of media.
  • Work collaboratively with artists and scholars in an interdisciplinary environment.
  • Discover  the transformative power of media and its role in responsible civic engagement.
  • Gain real-world experiences through internships and service-learning opportunities.
  • Participate in a community of enterprising and self-directed individuals to practice creative entrepreneurship.

Study Abroad/Away

The department supports and encourages every student to study abroad or study away during their college career.  Find out how you can incorporate a study abroad/away experience into your academic program and pursue coursework in some of the world’s largest media markets.

Get Involved

Gain experience at Towson’s student-run radio and television stations. Sign up for the department’s listserv and learn more about internships, jobs and competitions in the field as you  prepare to advance your career.