Applied Music Graduate Certificate

Students in the graduate certificate program in applied music develop skills as entrepreneurs and teachers as well as expertise as performers, composers and conductors.

The graduate certificate in applied music (performance, composition and conducting) is a degree program that provides concentrated study for students with a bachelor’s degree in music. 

There are three options to complete this certificate: You may enroll in the Graduate Certificate as a stand-alone certificate; you can enroll in the Graduate Certificate first and then complete the Master of Music degree; or you can enroll in both the Graduate Certificate and the Master of Music degree program at the same time. 

If your Graduate Certificate area of study is the same as your Master of Music area of study, you add one recital as an elective. All of the courses in the Graduate Certificate will count towards the master's degree and you will not need additional time or money to complete both. 

Admission Requirements

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Certificate Requirements

The certificate requires 12 units of required courses and electives. You will work closely with the program director to design a personalized program of study that suits your needs. 

Required Courses (9 units)

CODE Title Units
MUSA 6xx Applied Lessons  (6 units)
MUSA 6xx Ensembles (2 units)
MUSC 699  Graduate Certificate Recital  (1 unit) 

Electives (3 units)

MUSA 6xx Ensemble (1 unit maximum) 
MUSC 542  Vocal Pedagogy (3 units) 
MUSC 543  Instrumental Pedagogy (1 unit) 
MUSC 593 Independent Research in Music (2 units) 
(3 units)
MUSC 560  Piano Pedagogy  (3 units) 
MUSC 562 Guitar Pedagogy  (3 units) 

Students may choose from these electives or other MUSA or MUSC 500- or 600-level courses. 

Why take the Graduate Certificate and Master of Music degree programs concurrently? 

  • If the area of study is the same, the additional recital requirement will intensify your performance experience. MM students would give their Graduate Certificate recital in the second semester of study. Then they give the MM recital in the last semester (generally the 4th semester). This option would not require additional credits beyond the minimum 31 credits for the MM degree. In other words, both the Graduate Certificate and MM degree could be completed for 31 credits.
  • If the area of study is different, this will allow you to expand your expertise. For instance, a Graduate Certificate in conducting is offered, but there is no MM in conducting at Towson University. A student could study voice for the MM degree and conducting for the Graduate Certificate. This option would require the student to take two more credits beyond the MM degree requirement for a total minimum of 33 credits.
  • Students enrolling in the MM program at Towson University will be able to concurrently enroll for the Graduate Certificate without additional charge. 

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