Music Education (M.S.)

Towson’s graduate program in music education is recognized throughout the region. The program provides new educators, future educators, and those seeking courses in professional development with a strong grounding in advanced approaches to music teaching and the flexibility to choose electives in theory, history, and performance.

music education class

Prospective students may choose one of the following options for degree completion:

The M.S. in Music Education with Thesis (minimum 34 units), including 24 units of required courses with 6 units of thesis and 10 units of electives.

The M.S. in Music Education with Graduate Project (minimum 34 units), including 19 units of required courses with 1 unit of graduate project (paper, recital, composition, or practicum) and 15 units of electives.

Graduate students can work concurrently in an area of their choice while also earning a Certificate of Music and/or completing post-baccalaureate studies that can lead to Maryland Public School P-12 teacher licensing. Courses are offered in the evenings, and a departmental summer workshop and certificate courses may be counted as electives in the program. You can view admission and degree requirements in the Graduate Catalog.

Cost Comparison

Below is cost comparison between Towson University and University of Maryland College Park.

Credit Hours
TU In-State
TU Out-of-State
U of MD In-State
U of MD Out-of-State
9 credit hours/units
10 credit hours/units
11 credit hours/units
12 credit hours/units


Contact Information

Program Coordinator
Dr. Melissa McCabe
Center for the Arts
Room # 3090
Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.