Graduate Theory Practice Test

Music Theory Competencies

The student should review and possess fluency in these areas:

  • Have complete mastery and fluency with all music rudiments
  • Know the conventions of common practice voice leading and part writing rules
  • Know how to recognize all cadence types
  • Know the functional use of all diatonic and chromatic harmonies in the common practice
  • Know how to recognize non-harmonic tones
  • Be able to analyze a tonal work
  • Know how to recognize phrase structures
  • Be able to analyze simple and large-scale forms
  • Have the ability to do melodic and harmonic dictation
  • Have the ability to sing a modulating tonal melody at sight

Graduate Music Theory Practice Test and Examples

Study the Examples BEFORE taking the practice test. You may take the practice test as many times as you like.


Roig-Francoli, Harmony in Context, McGraw Hill

Aldwell & Schachter, Harmony and Voice Leading, Wadsworth Publishing

Laitz, The Complete Musician, Oxford University Press

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