Additional Admission Requirements for Music Technology

Recording Studio

Music Technology lessons may fulfill the applied lessons in a single medium requirement for the Bachelor of Science Music Education and Bachelor of Science in Music degrees.  In order to assess your background and better understand your musical goals, we need you to submit the following materials in addition to the Towson University application and the Department of Music application.


A selection of your work (portfolio) that provides a profile of the quality and variety of your experience with music technology.  The portfolio should include an assortment of your works that you feel represent you well.  Submit recordings and or data files of your selected works.  Submissions may be made on a single CD or DVD with your name and pieces clearly labeled or a URL link to the work online or by USB drive.

A written statement (two-page maximum) regarding your musical background and goals in music.  This should include a description of your prior musical experience, a description of your musical influences, and general goals for your study of music technology.  Include a paragraph describing what attracted you to Towson’s music program.  Also include what instrument(s) or voice that you are currently studying.

Review Process

The music technology faculty will review your portfolio and other application materials and then schedule a brief interview with you.  During the interview, we will ask you to discuss aspects of your experience and goals and we will offer answers to any questions that you might have about our program at Towson University.  Interviews can be scheduled during the audition days.

Based on the application materials, the portfolio review, and the interview, the music technology faculty will notify you regarding your acceptance status.

Please submit your complete package of materials to:

Assistant Professor Will Redman
Department of Music
Towson University
8000 York Road
Towson, MD  21252-0001