Recording Studio

The Recording Studio of the Towson University Department of Music (RSTUDM) is a professional, teaching recording studio. Recording, mixing and mastering services are available to members of the Towson University community and the public.

The Recording Studio is not accepting reservations at this time.


The facility features a main recording room and three isolation booths, as well as a control room capable of up to 7.1 surround mixing.

The facility has a wide range of high quality microphones, pre-amps and processors.

Presently, the studio is capable of recording 24 simultaneous tracks on any of 72 inputs. Tracking is available on Pro Tools Ultimate. Performer monitoring is available via Aviom personal mixing stations.

To begin the process of scheduling a session, click on Recording Studio Access Application, fill out the form and click on submit.  

Managing Director: John Spivey
Pedagogical Director: Dr. Will Redman