About the Program

Over their residency, students work closely with one another on projects initiated by themselves, members of the faculty and guest artists. The 24-month program culminates in the presentation of a work in progress that is the exploration of a student’s personal aesthetic.

Program Characteristics

Theatre MFA teacher with students

Individualized mentorship

Through a core set of classes the students take together, the faculty supports each individual student’s growth with consultation and feedback.



Theatre MFA performance

crossing borders

Employing a variety of methodologies drawn from best practices in theatrical and other art forms, students learn the skills and strategies to generate work.



Theatre MFA faculty and students

local and global social practice

Students are encouraged to actively engage with the local community of Baltimore, a mecca of DIY theatre, as well as the national and international communities as they explore the relevancy of their work within the social contexts.


Theatre MFA faculty and students

Artists as educators and entrepreneurs

Students acquire the thinking of an artist with the visions of entrepreneurs and educators through training, internships, and teaching opportunities.