About the Program

Our program is an experimental, self-directed process that challenges, expands and develops each participant's artistic vision.

Over their residency, students work closely with one another on projects initiated by themselves, members of the faculty and guest artists. The 24-month program culminates in the presentation of a work in progress that is the exploration of a student’s personal aesthetic. Students in the program will also have the added benefit of extensive resources and theatre facilities available for their creative work.

Program Characteristics

Theatre MFA faculty and students

Individualized Process-Oriented Study

We focus on nurturing individual growth in the learning process. Every class encourages new and creative approaches in theatre making. Employing a variety of methodologies drawn from best practices in theatrical and other art forms, students learn the skills and sensibilities to generate work. Our faculty constantly supports students’ growth through consultation and feedback.


Theatre MFA performance

Interdisciplinary Focus

We see interdisciplinary as a way to explore the potentials for theatricality through the development of alternative creation systems. Applying vocabularies from one discipline to another, students expand/extend their own working systems that involve a deep process of inquiry. Most of our students work in multiple disciplines such as composer/writer, dancer/director, installation artist/performer, puppeteer/choreographer and video artist/musician.


Theatre MFA faculty and students

Artist as a Global Citizen

We are dedicated to educating and invigorating world citizens of theatre who engage actively in our local and global communities. Students are asked to consider how they orient themselves as artists aesthetically and socially, exploring the relevancy of their work in national and international contexts


Theatre MFA faculty and students

Artists as educators and entrepreneurs

We cultivate the ways to combine the life of artist with the skills (visions) of entrepreneurs and educators. We provide opportunities such as teaching internships and guest artists’ work sessions that acquaint students with multiple aspects of arts entrepreneurship as well as diverse perspectives needed for the life of an artist in the 21st century.