Current Students



Christy Brooks

Christy Brooks has been a theatre director, performer, and educator for over 15 years.  Residing in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, Christy founded her own theatre company, Theatre Works, LLC, to promote theatrical experiences for her community, and create fund-raising opportunities for non-profit organizations.

Sharing her passion for the fine and performing arts, Christy has developed curriculum and taught courses in Playwriting, Reader’s Theatre, Acting, Costume Design, and Technical Theatre in private and public schools for students, grades K-12.  In addition, she has written scripts and performed with the York Symphony Orchestra’s Stage-the-Page Program, serving over 7,000 school children each year.  Christy has been a contributing editor for where her reviews and interviews of theatre productions and actors, such as actor and singer Billy Porter, are published. 

Christy graduated summa cum laude from the University of Maryland with a B.A. in English and is a member of the Honor Society Phi Kappa Phi, the International English Honor Society Sigma Tau Delta, and an honorary member of The International Thespian Society.


Theresa Columbus

Theresa Columbus is a performance artist, playwright, filmmaker, and organizer. She has performed extensively in venues across the country, including the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, the Transmodern Festival, and the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts. She has created, co-directed, and acted in many film and video projects which have screened at Anthology Film Archives among other festivals and theaters. In addition to other Baltimore projects, she co-organized “Kidult: the Kids and Adults Show!” She was one of the founding members and collectively ran the regionally fabled experimental performance space, Darling Hall, in Milwaukee, WI.


Columbus’s performances celebrate people getting close to each other, while exposing the disconnection, anxiety, confusion, and absurdity of human emotion and interaction. Characters speak in poems to each other or to the audience, bursting into experimental singing and choreography. Traditional forms are performed, taken apart, and reinvented. As though mined from the scariest parts of a personal diary, the work is relatable because the audience experiences scenarios that are horribly embarrassing or excruciatingly tender, and which tap into the bizarre reality of being a human.



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 Lakeshia Ferebee

Lakeshia Renae Ferebee is from Baltimore, MD. With hopes to serve as a playwright, director, and filmmaker Lakeshia earned both a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, Film, & Media Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in English from St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Fluent in German (speech and writing), she spent a semester at Heidelberg University in Germany. She also found herself in leadership roles during her undergraduate career. As Events Coordinator for St. Mary’s Black Student Union, she was instrumental in establishing the Elizabeth Barber Walker Lecture, which honored the College’s first Black graduate. Lakeshia has long been an advocate for social justice issues especially in the era of Black Lives Matter. So much so that she advocates for the mainstreaming of diversity and inclusion issues in coursework. Additionally, she sees an opportunity to use theater as a means to express positive mental health practices, as well as to improve mental health amongst minorities. Lakeshia looks forward to serving as a Graduate and Teaching Assistant — and seeing more productions around the Globe (whenever the world opens back up!).





Skyler Fort

Skye Fort is mostly a director/performance artist/musician. Skye likes to create physical, non-narrative theatre, gross food-based performance art, and aggressive but funny music. Skye’s work often explores the limits and combinations of these three mediums. Skye was born and raised in New Mexico, and has a BA in acting from the University of New Mexico. She moved to Chicago in 2012 to pursue a career in theatre, and has since worked with various storefront theatres and festivals. Skye is a company member of Trap Door Theatre in Chicago, a founding member of the performance art collective So This is Art, and the bassist for the bands Big Mermaid and The Garvey Train. Skye has toured to Hungary, Romania, and the Republic of Moldova with Trap Door Theatre, as well as two US tours with Big Mermaid. Directing credits include Childhood Beauty at Trap Door Theatre, and Strange as it Seems at Tricklock Theatre in Albuquerque NM.




Megan Lovely

Megan Lovely is a theater artist passionate about creating theater with, for, and about local communities. The Rice Cooker’s Journey, which she co-wrote, directed, and produced at Denison University’s inaugural Fringe Festival, tells the true story of one Cambodian refugee’s experience growing up in America, and was written entirely from first-person interviews. The rice that was cooked and shared with the audience is one example of how Megan has used food to create community in her art. In another partnership, she collaborated with Behavioral Healthcare Partners of Central Ohio to develop and facilitate a six-week workshop that aimed to help youth explore their mental health experiences through the medium of performance. Ultimately, she believes in the power of self-expression, communal gathering, and collaboration, and seeks to foster environments that encourage story sharing, conversation, and community building. Megan holds a BA in Theater with a minor in Communication from Denison University, and spent a semester studying at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin. She also interned with Available Light Theatre and the Arden Theatre Company. She is inspired by the challenge of collaborating and creating community amidst the restrictions of social distancing. 





Anna Mwalagho

Internationally recognized as the “Queen of spoken Afro beat” and also “Mama Africa.” She has captivated many with her blend of comedy, spoken-word, songs, acting, African dance, and storytelling into an electrifying one-woman show. Her theatrical poetry inspires, evokes thought and entertains as well as educates all ages and races. Her music has a unique message from the soul of the motherland, it tells the story of life’s rough but fulfilling journeys, her comedy fuses laughter with the truth. Her excerpt of her One –Woman show went viral on Facebook with over 2.4 million views and still counting.

Since the launch of her career in the United States, Anna has become one of the most sought after African comedian, poet and Spoken Afro beat artist. She is not only a solo artist but she also owns her own band known as “Afrofloetry Band” the band has opened up for two international legends, the king of Afro jazz Hugh Masekela and International acclaimed legend of Afro pop Oliver Mtukudzi famously known as “Tuku Music” of whom she even collaborated with him doing her poem “Flavored world.” 

In January 2009 her band was chosen by the Smithsonian Museum of African Art to be the main performer during the inaugural events of President Barack Obama, where she performed at the National Museum of African arts for over one thousand audiences from all over the world

 Not only has she entertained dignitaries such as the NOBEL PRIZE winner, the late Dr. Wangari Maathai, and professor Henry Louis Gates Jr,  actor Forest Whitaker, she has graced the stages of high profile venues including: The Kennedy Center, The World Bank, US Army Material Command, UNAIDS, America’s 400TH Anniversary, US Africa Business Conference, Africa day celebrations, Washington Convention Center and many more.  

Anna Mwalagho is not only a performing artist but also a social activist and a philanthropist.  She has been supporting Upendo Educational Children Rehabilitation Center in Nairobi, Kenya (Huruma Slums) since 2008. In 2016, she formed Upendo Educational Foundation here in the USA which caters for the needs of the less fortunate especially children through education.

She has released three musical albums, a poetry book and a DVD of her comedy and poetry. In 2018 her third album Shukrani made it through the first round of 2017 Grammy award nominations for children music.