COFAC Posting Protocols

The College of Fine Arts and Communication posting policy covers the Center for the Arts building.

Guidelines for Posting Signage in the Center for the Arts

All posted materials must follow University Policies and Guidelines. Please follow these guidelines when posting in the Center for the Arts.

  • Fliers and all types of signage must be authorized by the College of Fine Arts and Communications by the Facilities and Operations Manager by emailing . No fliers may be posted without written consent.
  • Fliers may only be posted on designated locations. Fliers MAY NOT be hung, posted or displayed inside or outside of classrooms, windows, on stair rails, porches, railings, benches, trees, doors, poles, lampposts, walkways, etc. Any flier found posted in these areas will be immediately removed.
  • Fliers must bear one of the following: SGA Affiliated Stamp, the official TU logo, Department logo, the Towson University Athletics logo, or logo of the sponsoring organization clearly visible on the posting.
  • In the Center for the Arts, you may post up to 10 fliers (1 per location). You may not post on boards reserved for specific departments. 
  • NO taping — this rule applies to any surface.
  • NO stapling — this rule applies to any surface. 
  • No fliers are permitted in the Arts Café.
  • Any fliers whose events have already taken place will be removed and placed in the appropriate bin (trash or recycling).
  • Do not post fliers directly on top of someone else’s flier.

Any fliers that violate these terms will be removed immediately. Repeat offenders may lose posting privileges in the Center for the Arts building.

Faculty/Non-TU Affiliated Postings

TU Faculty members may be permitted to post fliers about their upcoming non-TU affiliated events. These fliers must be submitted to the COFAC Events and Operations Office for posting approval. Posting approval will allow the flier to receive a COFAC Approved Sticker/Stamp and is permitted to be posted on all corresponding posting locations.

Approved Posting Locations


  • landings between floors have display rails

These rails can be found between floors in the main stairwell of the building. Posting on atrium staircase is not permitted.

2nd Floor

  • two sets of display rails in the atrium between the Arts Café and the main elevator
  • display rails across from the music lockers near CA 2084
  • display rails across from CA 2033
  • display rails near Theatre Rehearsal Rooms A and B

3rd Floor

  • display rails across from the box office
  • display rails above the bench in the music hallway across from CA 3079
  • display rails across from Dean’s Office suite

4th Floor

  • gray cork board by the women’s restroom
  • gray cork board by the photo lab

All other posting locations are not permitted. 
All fliers/signage are posted at the discretion of the College of Fine Arts and Communications Dean’s Office. Posters may be removed at any time as requested by the Dean’s office. 

If you have questions please email Seth Schwartz, .