Kaplan Student Support Request

Students can apply for Kaplan funding to supplement their learning. For questions please contact the Dean's Office, .


Guiding Principles

  • Support Student Experiences that connect to our college’s strategic plan; especially those experiences that focus on workshops, intensives, and conferences; provide interaction with guest speakers/artists; engage community service; promote diversity and inclusion; and foster collaborative and interdisciplinary activities.
  • Raise the scholarly and creative profile of the college
  • Strengthen the infrastructure of the college


  • Students who are currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program in the College of Fine Arts and Communication
    – OR –
  • An active member of a recognized student group in the College of Fine Arts and Communication. 

Use of Funds

  • Funds must be used to support research or creative activity within the Kaplan guidelines and within the strategic plans and priorities of the organization, department, and/or college.
  • Use of funds may be for but are not limited to, the following activities: attending and/or participating in a virtual conference, intensive, or workshop; presenting scholarly or creative work; inviting a guest speaker/artist (under the auspices of a student organization); educational resources needed to complete coursework; engaging community service; promoting diversity and inclusion, and fostering interdisciplinary collaborations.  


  • Individual Conference/Intensive/Workshop/Competition ($300 per semester, maximum $600 per academic year)
  • Guest Speaker/Artist for a Student Organization ($600 per academic year)
  • Educational Resources for Completing Coursework ($300 per academic year)
  • Community Service/Diversity & Inclusion/Interdisciplinary Collaborations ($300 per semester, maximum $600 per academic year)


  • Students may apply for funding 21 to 120 days prior to the date of the activity. Requests received outside of this time frame will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Students must: 

  1. Complete the Kaplan Support Request Form online.
  2. Submit the Kaplan Student Support Request by simply clicking submit at the end of the online application.
  3. Notify the COFAC Dean’s Office of this Support Request submission by emailing Budget Specialist, Renee Timms ().
  4. The COFAC Dean will review the request.
  5. If approved, students will be informed of how to proceed to secure this funding.

Completing Approved Requests

Students who receive funding must submit within two weeks of the activity the following items:

To COFAC Budget Specialist, Renee Timms ()

  1. Documentation of the event (promotional materials, event link, etc.)
  2. Any receipts/invoices of the activity
  3. Completed and signed digital W9 form
  4. Submit W9 form by sending it securely to the Towson University Foundation File Drop Service

To COFAC Dean’s Office Marketing and Public Relations Manager Laura Malkus ()

  1. A brief narrative (250 – 500 words) sharing how your event related to the Kaplan guiding principles, impacted your creative activity/research and enhanced your understanding of and commitment to your field of study.
  2. A .jpeg file of the activity (e.g. – a high resolution headshot, event image, guest speaker, virtual presentation screenshot, or candid photo of you using the item purchase for educational needs such as dance floor, microphone, art supplies).


Completion Requirement & Agreement

Once you have received funding and completed your activity, please write a brief narrative (250-500 words) sharing how your experiences relate to your creative activity/research or enhanced your understanding of and commitment to your field of study.

You will also need to submit a .jpeg file of up to three images. Please send a high-resolution headshot, event image, guest speaker, virtual presentation screenshot, or candid photo of you using the item purchased for educational needs, i.e., dance floor, microphone, art supplies.

Please email the narrative and .jpeg file to the Marketing & Public Relations Manager, Laura Malkus (lmalkus@towson.edu), in the Dean’s Office within 2 weeks of your completed activity.

Your narrative (a portion or whole text) and images may be shared with the trustees of Dr. Kaplan’s estate and/or utilized in TU or COFAC publications. Impact stories like yours will inspire the Kaplan trustees and others to continue to make philanthropic investments in COFAC, and encourage your peers to pursue enriching experiences. Your signature below indicates your consent for your narrative and/or images to be shared.

By submitting this application, I acknowledge that I have read and understood the above completion requirements and consent to the use of my narrative and images within communications to the Kaplan trustees.