Management Advisory & Compliance Services

We focus on reducing risk and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of campus operations.

Our work is based upon the relative risk of an activity or process and its potential exposure to the university. We look at areas such as fraud, loss, errors, inefficiency, non-compliance with laws and regulations, and ineffective operations. 

Our Services

Compliance Reviews 

We assist in determining a department, unit or office's compliance with laws and regulations. We help verify that control procedures are performed as expected.

Process Reviews 

We provide comprehensive analysis and appraisals of all phases of academic or business activities in order to provide management-appropriate recommendations concerning the activities and processes reviewed.

Auditor Liaison 

We serve as liaisons to external auditors working on campus. 

Records Retention Guidelines

Most records should be retained for four years or until audited, whichever is longer. Other federal or state regulations may dictate longer retention periods.

Helpful Links

External resources

  1. Maryland Office of Legislative Audit: General Information & Audit Reports

  2. Maryland Ethics Commission: State Employees Information & The Gift Law

  3. University System of Maryland Office of Internal Audit: About & Procedural Guidelines

Internal resources

  1. TU Campus Policies and Procedures

  2. TU Departmental Cash Handling Guidance

  3. TU Non-Student Accounts Receivable Procedure

Contact Information

Management Advisory & Compliance Services

Administration Building
Room 2122
Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.