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Betty A. Fletcher, Ph.D.

Externship Program Coordinator / Staff Psychologist 


Keeba Gardner, Psy.D.

Coordinator of Inclusion & Resiliency Skills / Staff Psychologist


Zachary Hitchens, M.S., LCADC

Psychotherapist / Substance Abuse Services


Mollie Herman, Ph.D.

Associate Director / Director of Training / Staff Psychologist


Dan Isenberg, Ph.D.

Groups Coordinator / Staff Psychologist

Megan Lynch, Psy.D.

Postdoctoral Fellowship


G Wei

G Wei Ng, M.A.

Diversity Coordinator / Staff Psychologist


Lilian Odera, Ph.D.

Assistant Director for Outreach & Media / Staff Psychologist


Alessandra Pieraccini, Psy.D.

Referrals Coordinator / Staff Psychologist


Greg Reising, Ph.D.

Director of the Counseling Center / Staff Psychologist

Robyne Rivers, Psy.D.

Care Manager / Staff Psychologist

Sara Rosen, M.D.

Staff Psychiatrist

Maggie Saunders 

Front Office Coordinator 



Emily Sears, M.S., LCADC

Manager of Substance Education, Treatment, & Prevention Services

Siegal, Brian

Brian Siegal, M.D.

Staff Psychiatrist


Dina Sokal, M.D.

Staff Psychiatrist


Jeffrey Soulen, M.D.

Staff Psychiatrist

Walsh, Chrissy

Chrissy Walsh, Ph.D.

Coordinator of Meditation Services / Staff Psychologist


Maria Wydra, Ph.D.

Clinical Director / Assistant Director / Staff Psychologist

Office Management


Jean Brune

Administrative Assistant



Alison Graf

Administrative Assistant


Sherrie-lee Nunally

Business Operations Administrative Assistant


2019- 2020 Doctoral Interns

Blake Bettis, M.A.



Jacqueline Pacella, M.A.

Ryan Noel, M.S., M.A.

Stefan Jadaszewski, M.A.

2019 - 2020 Externs

Jacqueline Hyman, M.A.

Rachel Nicholson, M.S.

Kirsten Curtis, M.S.

Janelle Rondeau, M.S.

2019 - 2020 Graduate Assistants

Rebecca Cossaboom

Graduate Assistant to Alcohol & Drug Peer and Healthy Minds Peer Educators

Claire Cusack

Graduate Assistant to Body Image and Diverse Minds Peer Educators

Rachel Hain

Graduate Assistant to Alcohol, Tobacco, & Other Drug Prevention Center and Media & Technology