Welltrack Boost

Welltrack Boost offers a variety of free tools to help students assess, understand and work on their own mental health and wellbeing.

What is Welltrack Boost?

Welltrack Boost is a mental health self-help app, available on your mobile device or any internet browser. Take control of your mental health and wellbeing journey confidentially, at your pace, and on your own timetable.  

As a Towson University student, you have full access to all the app’s features including:

  • Self-Guided Courses: Take courses based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to learn how to cope with common mental health challenges.
  • Zen Room: Practice guided relaxation or self-relaxation in a customized relaxation room.
  • Activity Scheduler: Schedule leisure, social and achievement activities.
  • Fun and Achievement Tracker: After completing scheduled activities, understand how they can boost or decrease your feelings of happiness, fun and achievement.
  • Calendar: View scheduled activities, plan your time.
  • Cognitive Distortions Quiz: Use this quiz to understand the seven types of unhelpful thinking styles.
  • Thought Diary: Identify real-life examples of unhelpful thinking styles and learn how to adapt thinking in these types of situations.
  • Mood Heatmap: See MoodCheck entries displayed on a scatter graph.
  • Wellness Assessment: Track how levels of stress, anxiety and depression are changing during use of the app.

Sign Up

To gain access to all Welltrack Boost has to offer, register with your TU email at,  https://towson.welltrack-boost.com/ OR download Welltrack Boost from your phone’s app store!