Campus Master Plan

Smart growth requires thoughtful planning.

Towson University’s 2015 campus master plan embodies our long-term vision for the future physical development of campus. It provides a framework for the development of academic and student life facilities, as well as the roads, parking, utilities and infrastructure to support these buildings.

But even though the master plan encompasses our future physical landscape, it is not purely architectural. Its framework, principles and recommendations are developed in support the university’s mission and strategic initiatives, in adherence with University System of Maryland requirements and taking into account community concerns.

The plan establishes guiding principles to improve the institutional image, create a sense of arrival to campus, form an identifiable campus that is connected to the larger community, and develop sustainable manmade and natural environments. The master plan is updated on a 5-year cycle.

The Office of Facilities Planning

Facilities Planning develops all the documents and plans related to the physical expansion and space utilization of Towson University’s campus. This includes the campus master plan, the campus space inventory database, space management policies and procedures, space needs assessments, and archived facility records, documents, drawings and building floorplans. The Office also prepares the annual capital- and system-funded budget requests to advocate for new capital facility projects that advance the Campus Master Plan.