Fleet Services

Fleet Services manages vehicle rentals for employees and student groups traveling on official university business.

Eligibility & Training

In order to rent a university vehicle, you must have a valid driver’s license, employed by Towson University, and be traveling fewer than 150 miles one-way, or 300 miles round-trip, from TU's campus. Cars, eight-passenger vans and 10-passenger vans are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Individuals wishing to drive a 10-passenger van must complete a Fleet Services training course prior to renting the vehicle. Those wishing to travel further than 150 miles one-way or 300 miles round-trip can arrange a non-university rental vehicle through Fleet Services.

Rental Process

Complete the following steps to rent a vehicle:

  1. Complete and submit a driver clearance application and signed acknowledgment of general rules.
    1. If you carry an out-of-state driver's license: submit an official driving record from your state's MVA with at least three years of history. Copies and electronic records will not be accepted.  This process will need to be done each year, at your expense, on your anniversary date of original submission, to be able to keep driving University vehicles.
  2. Once the paperwork is complete, you and your supervisor will be notified that you are cleared to drive TU vehicles. The clearance lasts for your entire TU tenure, unless you acquire five or more points on your license.  All records updated annually.
  3. Submit a vehicle request form to request a rental vehicle.


Rates include re-fueling at the Baltimore County gas station and toll charges for most Maryland toll plazas. Each university vehicle is equipped with a Baltimore County gas card and an E-Z Pass transponder. Instructions on using these materials can be found in each vehicle’s information guide.

Vehicle Type Rental Cost
Cars $.72/mile
6/7-Passenger Vans $1.09/mile
10-Passenger Vans $1.38/mile

Enterprise Rental Services

Fleet Services will arrange rental vehicles for employees and student groups traveling more than 150 miles one-way, or 300 miles round-trip, or when a university vehicle is unavailable. Rental arrangements for all commercial vehicles should be processed through Fleet Services by completing and submitting a request form. Due to rental company policies, some age restrictions may apply. Please note that university employees renting vehicles for university business should elect not to purchase additional insurance on the vehicle – the liability of vehicles rented to the state is covered by the Maryland Tort Claims Act.