STEM Education Resource Center

The general purpose of a STEM Education Resource Center is to broadly support research-based (i.e., proven effective) STEM teaching and STEM teacher preparation.

UTeach students

A key goal of this resource center is to support the school-based STEM teaching of Towson’s preservice teachers. These preservice elementary and secondary teachers are often in situations where they would like to teach standards-based, inquiry-focused STEM activities, but the schools do not have the necessary equipment. The resource center makes this equipment available for check-out for these preservice teachers.

Another key goal is to support course reform in the FCSM. Many instructors (both full-time and adjunct faculty) would like to try research-based “active learning” strategies in their courses, yet Towson does not have a current collection of curricula or related texts that supports this sort of course reform. The resource center makes these curricula and support materials available to these instructors.

A final goal is to make this equipment available to any Baltimore City or Baltimore County teacher who is affiliated with Towson University's PDS or internship programs and is interested in trying research-based strategies in their classroom.

We have organized the items in SERC by subject matter. One can browse through all the items in a particular subject by choosing one of the categories on the menu to the right.

Alternately, a potential borrower can proceed directly to the checkout form which lists all the items with a link from each item to a picture, description and listing of the appropriate grades for use: