Scientific Reasoning

View photos of the scientific reasoning equipment (PDF). 

FOSS Ideas and Inventions

The Ideas and Inventions module consists of four sequential investigations that promote student creativity and inventiveness. Each investigation provides valuable science content while introducing a conventional technique for revealing the unseen. Grades 3 - 4

FOSS Models and Designs 

The four investigations in the Models and Designs module provide experiences that develop the concept of a scientific model and engage students in design and construction. The atmosphere generated by this module is one of open discussion, free exchange of ideas, and development of ideas into products. Grades 5 - 6

FOSS Variables

Some of the most important scientific concepts students learn are the result of their ability to see relationships between objects and events. Relationships always involve interactions, dependencies, and cause and effect. The Variables Module has four investigations that help students discover relationships through controlled experimentation. Students will fling, float, fly, and flip objects as they discover relationships in each investigation. Grades 5 - 6