The Urban Environmental Biogeochemistry Laboratory encompasses several different laboratories within Smith Hall.

John Sivey and Mark Bickley
Dr. John Sivey and Mark Bickley discuss sample results in the UEBL instrument laboratory


1st floor labs

In 2010, the UEBL was awarded a $1.4M National Science Foundation ARI grant (# 0963263) to renovate space on the first floor of Smith Hall. Supplemented by funds from TU, these renovations have recently been completed and the renovated space opened for use in October 2012. This space provides the ideal infrastructure for the multi-disciplinary approach to science that is the foundation of all UEBL activities. Renovated spaces include a sample intake lab, a clean sample processing lab, an instrument lab and two exposure labs. The arrangement of the facilities creates a logical work flow from sample intake through instrumental analysis. The design of the facilities incorporates modern laboratory best practices and an appealing openness accomplished with a liberal use of glass replacing opaque concrete walls, creating a more welcoming and safe environment for faculty and student research. The renovations also emphasize energy efficiency including the use of non-incandescent lighting systems with motion sensors, and well-balanced HVAC systems.

Instruments housed in the new lab suite include the ICP-MS, XRF, CN analyzer, CHNOS elemental analyzer, discrete analyzer, and ion chromatograph.

4th floor lab

The 4th floor lab houses the GBC Optimass 9500 ICP-TOFMS, including the LSX-213 laser ablation system. Student workstations provide computer access for research projects. A metals-free clean room within this lab allows for clean sample preparation.

Seal AQ1 Discrete Analyzer

The Seal AQ1 Discrete Analyzer is a versatile instrument that can quantify a wide variety of elements and/or compounds in liquid samples.  Currently we have methods for determining silica, orthophosphorus, total phosphorus, nitrogen from ammonia, and nitrogen from nitrate + nitrite . 


Elementar Vario EL III CHNOS Elemental Analyzer

The Elementar Vario EL III CHNOS Elemental Analyzer quantifies total carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and/or sulfur in solid samples.