Urban Environmental Biogeochemistry Laboratory (UEBL)

The UEBL, located on the first floor of Smith Hall, is a collaborative effort between the departments of biology, chemistry, and physics, astronomy, and geosciences, and supports student and faculty research in these departments as well as the environmental science program.

Urban Environmental Biogeochemistry Laboratory
Major instrumentation

Major Equipment

The majority of instrumentation in the chemistry department is located in Smith Hall 513 and 515. These shared instruments are used by students and faculty in laboratory courses and research.

Major Equipment

Shared Departmental Instruments

Instrument Type Model & Features
CD Spectrophotometer Jasco J-815
Elemental Analyzer Elementar Vario III (CHNOS)
Fluorometer Jobin-Yvon Fluoromax 4
FT-IR Microscope Centaurus with Nexus 670 spectrometer
FT-IR Spectrometer (3) Nicolet 320/360/670
GC-MS (2) Agilent 7890a with 5975C MS and autosampler
Genetic Analyzer Applied Biosystems 3500
HPLC Agilent 1200 (DAD and fluorescence) with autosampler and fraction collector

Agilent 1260 (DAD) with thermostatted autosampler
ICP-MS Thermo PQ ExCell with autosampler

GBC OptiMass 9500 with Cetac LSX-213 laser ablation and cryocell
Ion Chromatograph Dionex ICS-5000 with dual anion/cation capability and autosampler
NMR Jeol 400SS 400 MHz with autosampler
qPCR Applied Biosystems ABI Prism
SEM Phenom ProX with EDS
UPLC-MS/MS Waters Acquity H-series with Xevo G2-XS qTOF
UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (5) Varian Cary 50/60/100

Bruker AXS S4 Explorer (wavelength-dispersive)

Bruker AXS S2 Ranger (energy-dispersive)