Why Study Chemistry?

Chemists are concerned with matter, and that matters.

Chemistry Matters!

From the production of food, fuel and medicine, to the pursuit of clean water and air, advances in chemistry are vital.

Towson University chemistry graduates work in industry, government and academia, contributing to food safety, pollution control and pharmaceutical development. Others go on to be physicians, pharmacists, forensic scientists and teachers.

Learn more about careers in chemistry at the Career Center.

Why Towson?

Studying chemistry at Towson University means being part of a vibrant learning community. Classes are small, and you get one-on-one attention from faculty who are active researchers and dedicated teachers.

Academic Advantages

  • big-school resources with small-school attention
  • research opportunities and hands-on experience with state-of-the-art instrumentation
  • highly individualized advising, including detailed four-year plan
  • accredited by the internationally recognized American Chemical Society (ACS)