Faculty Committees & Special Assignments

Department of Computer & Information Sciences Committees (2018-19)

Committee Department Representatives

D. Sc. Program

Lu (Director), Ali-Gombe, J. Chakraborty, Karne, Nguyen, Song, Wang, Wijesinha, Yu

MS in CS Program

McGuire (Director), Acharya, S. Chakraborty (AIT liaison), Davani, Hong, Kim, Liao, Tang, M. Zimand, Deng

MS in AIT Program

S. Chakraborty (Director), Acharya, Brown (Associate Director), Pak, Tavakolan (in-coming Acting Associate Director), Chenowith

CS Undergraduate Program

Dehlinger (Director), Acharya, Conover (IT liaison), Davani, Dierbach, Kim, Nguyen, Tang, Taylor (on leave), I. Zimand, Park, Hong (IS liaison), Deng, Ali-Gombe

IS Undergraduate Program

Meiselwitz (Director), Brown (IT liaison), S. Chakraborty, J. Chakraborty, Feng, Hammell, Hong, Lazar, Nguyen (CS liaison), Wang 

IT Undergraduate Program

Hilberg (Director), Brown (IS liaison), Conover (CS liaison), Dudley, Etesamipour, Fouche, McGuire, Meiselwitz, Tavakolan

Assessment & Quality Assurance

Hammell (Chair), Tang (undergrad programs), Wang (grad programs), Chairperson


Dierbach (Chair), All program Directors, Chairperson

Alumni Relations

Dehlinger (Chair), Hammell

Articulation & Transfer Advising

Bohle (Chair), Brown, Kaza, Taylor (on leave), Hilberg, Meiselwitz, Dehlinger, Denise McGill (college advisor)

Academic Standards

Dudley (Chair), Meiselwitz

University Core Curriculum

Meiselwitz (Chair), Brown, Dudley, Taylor (on leave)

Promotion, Tenure, and Merit

Kim (Chair)

Tenure committee - All tenured faculty

Rank committee for Assistant Professors - All Associates, Full Professors and Dept. Chair

Rank committee for Associate Professors - All Full Professors and Dept. Chair

Rank committee for Full Professors - All Full Professors and Dept. Chair

Election Committee

Davani, M. Zimand, Hammell

Research Seminars

Lu (Chair), Feng, O'Leary, Song, Yu


Bohle, Program Directors, Dept. Chair

Scholarships & Awards

Chakraborty J. (Chair), Dierbach, Dudley, Hammell, Meiselwitz 

UG Graduation Evaluation

Bohle, Brown, Tavakolan


Conover (Chair)

UPE Honor Society

J. Chakraborty (Chair), McGuire, Meiselwitz, Fouche

Student Technology Club

Brown, Fouche

Computer Security Club

Fouche, O'Leary, Nguyen, Ali-Gombe

Diversity Committee

Wijesinha (Chair), J. Chakraborty, Dudley, Ali-Gombe, Hammell, Meiselwitz, Kaza

Open House Committee

Bohle (Co-chair), Hammell (Co-chair), Acharya, Brown, Dehlinger, Dierbach, Kaza, McGuire, Nguyen, Tang, Taylor (on leave), Wang, J. Chakraborty

Department Members Serving on FCSM Committees

Committee RepresentaTives to FCSM



Women in Science Steering Committee


College Council 

Dehlinger, Hilberg

Election Committee 

 Davani (Chair)



Undergraduate Research 




Information Technology 

 Houston (Chair), Acharya


Davani (Chair)

Diversity Committee 


Special Assignments for Department Members

Role Department Member
Associate Chair Hammell
Computer Resources  Houston
Webmaster Kaza
Cybersecurity Team  O'Leary
Programming Contest Conover
Internship Coordinator  Dehlinger
Pledge of the Computing Professional  Dudley, Bohle, Krawczyk
CIS 211 Course Coordinator J. Chakraborty 
COSC 109 Course Coordinator Meiselwitz 
COSC 111 Course Coordinator Vacant
COSC 175 Course Coordinator  Taylor (on leave), Kaza (acting)
COSC 236 Course Coordinator I. Zimand
COSC 237 Course Coordinator Dierbach, I. Zimand
COSC 336 Course Coordinator Acharya
COSC 418 Course Coordinator  Dudley
ITEC 201 Course Coordinator Etesamipour

Department Members Serving on University Committees

Committee Representatives to University

Academic Committee for Technology (ACT)


Cross Campus Intership Coordinating Committee


Honors College Admission Review Committee


Provost's Faculty Development Centre Task Force

 S. Chakraborty

Honary Degree Program


Information and Instructional Technology Committee (IITC)

Acharya (Chair)

Assessment Subcommittee on Student Learning Assessment


Asian Faculty and Staff Association


Search Committee for VP for Institutional Advancement