Admission Requirements & Deadlines

TU student using a computer

Computer Science (M.S.)

This program accepts students for the Fall and Spring terms. To ensure timely processing, submit your application and supporting materials as early as possible. Application deadlines are August 1 for admission in Fall and January 2 for admission in Spring.

Admission Requirements

  • A baccalaureate degree in computer science from a regionally accredited college or university*, or a baccalaureate degree* in any other field and completion of one to three preparatory courses from among MATH 263, COSC 501 and COSC 502, as determined by the graduate program director.
  • An undergraduate GPA of 3.00 for full admission or 2.75 for conditional admission is required. All GPA calculations for admission are based upon the last 60 credits of undergraduate and post-baccalaureate study.

Non-immigrant international students: See additional admission information in International Graduate Admissions.

* See Exceptions to Policy in Graduate Admissions.

Prerequisite Courses

  • COSC 501 Fundamentals of Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis (6)
  • COSC 502 Computer Organization and Assembly Language for Non-CS/CIS Major (3)
  • MATH 263 Discrete Mathematics (3)

Both COSC 501 and COSC 502 can be taken together in the same term. These prerequisites are not required for students who have a baccalaureate degree in Computer Science. MATH 263 is not required for students who have an engineering, mathematics or computer science baccalaureate degree. Students with no engineering, mathematics or computer science degree background must take all three prerequisites.

A grade of “B” or better (or pass) is required for the successful completion of any prerequisite course.

Students may repeat prerequisite courses no more than two times to be eligible to take graduate-level courses.