School of Emerging Technologies

TU’s School of Emerging Technologies works to advance interdisciplinary and collaborative educational and research programs that address the development, application, implications and ramifications of emerging technologies.

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Mission Statement

Housed administratively within the Fisher College of Science and Mathematics, the School of Emerging Technologies (SET) at Towson University will develop and support innovative, integrative, interdisciplinary programs at the baccalaureate through applied doctoral levels in fields involving emerging technologies, and will seek to address workforce and public/societal needs.

The SET will forge educational partnerships with community colleges, government agencies and technology-based industries. The SET will also be an incubator for interdisciplinary faculty/student research and other forms of scholarly and creative collaborations on the study and application of emerging technologies that impact people’s lives at work, in the community, and at home.

Goals of the School of Emerging Technologies

  1. SET supports and enhances existing courses and academic degree programs throughout the university that relate to emerging technologies and their social, environmental and ethical implications.
  2. SET fosters the development of new innovative, interdisciplinary courses and degree and non-degree programs in fields involving emerging technologies — programs that address the anticipated technical workforce needs of the region and integrate the study of social/cultural, environmental and ethical issues as well as specific technologies.
  3. We stimulate and facilitate interdisciplinary research and creative collaborations that focus on the study and application of emerging technologies in addressing public and individual needs, including quality-of-life enhancements.
  4. SET collaborates with entities in the region in identifying key technological areas of focus that would benefit from university involvement in designing and developing innovative processes and products.
  5. We establish K-12 outreach initiatives to encourage more students at the pre-college level to pursue technology-based careers.
  6. We collaborate with private and governmental partners in the region to address the professional development needs of their current technical workforce.
  7. We serve as a catalyst to make technology and issues related to technology integral parts of the undergraduate educational experience spanning both general education and major course offerings.
  8. SET promotes understanding among all Towson students of the ethical implications of current and future technologies and identify and address ethical issues confronting technology professionals.

Contact Information

School of Emerging Technologies

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