Environmental Science & Studies Major

The study of environmental science and studies opens the door to a variety of careers that are focused on creating a sustainable future.

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The environmental science and studies program prepares students to enter a range of environmental careers in which they will make a difference as scientists, policy makers, industry representatives and citizens. Graduates also go on to advanced studies, professional training programs, and positions in business, industry and government.

Students in the environmental science and studies major take courses in geography, biology, chemistry, political science, geology, economics, health science and philosophy, taught by faculty from many colleges within the university.

Students in this major select the environmental science concentration or the environmental studies concentration.

Environmental Science Concentration  

The environmental science concentration prepares students to become environmental problem-solvers in a world confronting climate change, population expansion and depletion of natural resources. Students in this concentration select from the following tracks:

  • Environmental Biology Track
  • Environmental Chemistry Track
  • Environmental Geology Track
  • Environmental Science Track

Advising checklists and resources can provide you with more information regarding each track.

Environmental Studies Concentration

The Environmental Studies Concentration is for students who are interested in environmental planning, regulation and policy, and educating others about environmental issues. Students in this concentration choose from the following tracks:

  • Environmental Geographical Analysis Track
  • Environmental Policy/Management Track
  • Environmental Health Track
  • Directed Environmental Studies Track
  • Informal Environmental Education Track

Advising checklists and resources can provide you with more information regarding each track.

During the senior year, students in both concentrations complete course work that emphasizes application of concepts to real-world problems.