The Department of Mathematics sponsors a regular colloquium that hosts several talks by external speakers every year and a general faculty seminar for talks by faculty and students. Seminars are listed below after the colloquia.

Mathematics Colloquium

On Thursday, December 2, Dr. Dan Bates, Professor of Mathematics at the US Naval Academy, will present a colloquium lecture on Numerical methods for solving polynomial systems. The lecture will take place at 4 pm, in Room 320 of 7800 York Road.

Abstract: Polynomial systems show up all over the place, both within mathematics (especially algebraic geometry) and in other STEM disciplines (including with chemical reaction networks, kinematics, and more).  We even encounter them in multivariable calculus when we seek to find critical points.  While there have been symbolic, algebraic methods for solving polynomial systems since the 1960s, an entirely different numerical, geometric approach has been developed since the 1990s.  This approach has allowed users to solve significantly larger polynomial systems at the cost of moving from exact solutions to approximations.  In this talk, we'll go through some of the basic ideas of the field of numerical algebraic geometry (e.g., homotopies, witness sets), tour some of its greatest hits, and end up with a couple of open problems.  No prior knowledge of algebraic geometry or numerical methods will be necessary.

Recent Mathematics Colloquium Talks

Date Topic Speaker
Oct 29, 2021 The value of a pension buyout: An employee (retiree) perspective Dr. Tianxiang Shi,
Temple University
Oct 15, 2021 Learning nonlinear operators using deep neural networks for diverse applications Dr. Lu Lu,  
University of Pennsylvania
May 7,
Studying graphs associated with groups Dr. Mark Lewis,
Kent State University
Apr 16,
A new regularization term for deep neural networks with applications to biological data Dr. Zerotti Woods,
Johns Hopkins University
Nov 6, 2020 On a dense universal Hilbert set  Dr. Michael Filaseta,  University of S. Carolina
Oct 16,
Doing algebra with pictures Dr. Nick Davidson,
Reed College

Seminar Meetings

The Mathematics Seminar is the venue where Towson faculty and students report on their research activities. The Graduate Seminar hosts expository talks by faculty that introduce graduate students in the departmental APIM Master's program to topics that present opportunities for graduate research projects. 

Upcoming Seminars

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Recent Mathematics Seminar Talks

  • On June 8, 2021, Dr. Min Ji presented a sabbatical lecture on Modeling mortality dependence: An application of dynamical vine copula.
  • On May 14, 2021, Dr. Angel Kumchev presented a sabbatical lecture on Recent results in discrete harmonic analysis.