Ilya Usik

Major: Mathematics/Actuarial Science and Risk Management Concentration

Ilya Usik in class

Go ahead, ask Ilya Usik the classic question: “Will I ever use math in real life, anyway?”

Chances are the aspiring actuary will tell you all about how he went straight home to critique his mother’s mortgage documents after attending a class in interest theory.

One of the reasons Usik is so passionate about studying mathematics, he says, is because “the application is immediate.”

The former star wrestler from Eastern Technical High School in Baltimore envisions a bright future after he completes Towson University’s actuarial science and risk management program—whether calculating premiums for an insurance company, assessing risks in a government setting or solving financial problems as a consultant.

“The great thing about actuarial science is you get to use the skills you learned at the university and put them into something useful,” says Usik. “You get to model real life using mathematics, to solve very important questions to these businesses.”

And Usik is confident that the Towson program offers all the courses, resources and connections that will help him get where he wants to go. From classes specifically designed to prepare students for the five preliminary exams required for professional certification, to assistance with career exploration and internship placement.

But if he has to pinpoint the greatest advantage of the TU mathematics department, Usik doesn’t hesitate.

It’s the dedicated faculty.

“They always take the time to speak with me,” he says, “because to them, it’s important. Every student is important to them.”

The great thing about actuarial science is you get to model real life using mathematics, and answer questions important to businesses. ”