Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Physics, Astronomy and Geosciences provides programs in the three related disciplines in our name: physics, astronomy, and geosciences. We also offer interdisciplinary programs in the related fields of engineering and computer science.

Use the links below to learn more about the majors and minors in these disciplines as well as other useful information such as class descriptions, facilities, current research and student opportunities.


For those who wish to major in physics we offer concentrations in general physics, applied physics, computational physics and astrophysics. A fifth concentration is offered for students interested in teaching physics at the secondary level. See physics programs.


Students can obtain a minor in astronomy or continue their studies to obtain a bachelors degree in astrophysics. See astronomy programs.


Towson University is one of two universities in the state of Maryland that offers an undergraduate degree in geology. We also offer a degree in earth-space science, which is suited for students who are interested in teaching at the high school level. See geoscience programs.

Dual-Degree Engineering

The Dual Degree Program in Engineering is a transfer program which allows students to obtain a B. S. degree in physics from Towson and a second B.S. degree in engineering from another four year institution, typically within five years.

Physics & Professional Science Masters

This program allows students to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in physics and Professional Science Masters degree in physics in five years.

The department participates with the University Honors Board to offer a departmental honors program.

Honors Program