Dual Degree Engineering Program

Are you an ambitious person looking to earn two degrees at once? A collaboration between Towson University and the University of Maryland, College Park allows you to do just that.

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In the dual-degree engineering program, you can earn a B.S. or B.A. from Towson University and a bachelor’s in engineering from University of Maryland, College Park, in five years (sometimes longer depending on major requirements).

You may pick any major at Towson, but most students who pursue this option are TU physics majors. Other natural fits with engineering are biology, chemistry, computer science and mathematics.

The field of engineering is an entry into a world of professional opportunities. Graduates land top-earning positions in all facets of technology, from energy to electronics, and medicine to transportation. Combining your engineering degree with another area of study will give you a variety of skills and depth of expertise highly desirable to employers.


Program Advantages

  • timesaving option for completing two degrees
  • choices in aerospace, biological resources, civil, electrical, fire protection, mechanical and materials science engineering
  • world-class facilities, equipment and resources at both schools
  • a wide array of research opportunities

Program Details


The Dual Degree Program in Engineering is a collaboration  between Towson University and the University of Maryland, College Park’s A. James Clark School of Engineering. It is intended to provide students with a program whereby they can obtain two B.S. degrees in a shorter time than it would take to receive each degree individually. One B.S. degree is from Towson University, while the other is a B.S. in Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Length of Time

The program is flexible and the amount of time it will take to complete the program will depend on several factors, such as the TU major chosen, the engineering discipline at UMCP chosen, and the student’s science and mathematics preparation coming into the program. For most students, it is possible to complete the program in five years (three at TU, two at UMCP). Below is a list of expected time to degrees based on current curriculum requirements and assuming a student begins the program with a proper background:

years at tu years at umcp
Physics Mechanical 3 2
Physics Electrical 3 2
Physics Civil 3 2
Physics Aerospace 3 2.5 - 3

It is highly advantageous if students begin the program with a mathematical background which includes algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. These students would then take Calculus I and Intro Physics I their first semester. Students who need to take pre-calculus (MATH 119) their first semester can still complete the program according to Table 1, but it will require a heavier course load in their final year at Towson. Students who do not have the mathematics background needed to take MATH 119 can expect to add 1 – 2 semesters to the above timeline.

Initial Steps

Students in the Dual Degree program can major in any discipline they wish. Most students choose a major at Towson which reflects their interests and has requirements which duplicate those in the engineering program at UMCP. By choosing a major with duplicate requirements, it is possible to minimize the time to complete the program. For example, choosing a major which requires Calculus I is desirable because this is also required by all engineering disciplines at UMCP. Taking MATH 273 (Calculus I) at Towson will then also satisfy the requirement at UMCP. While the program is flexible and allows students to major in any field, most students in the dual degree program major in physics. Choosing another major, such as Business, is acceptable, but it must be understood that the time to complete the program will be increased.

It is strongly encouraged that anyone interested the program meet with an academic advisor as early in the program as possible. Dual degree advisors are

Department name / email phone
Physics 410-704-2220
Physics 410-704-4737

It is also advantageous for a student in the dual degree program to know which engineering discipline they wish to pursue at UMCP, however it is not initially necessary. Most of the courses taken at Towson during the first 1-2 years will be the same regardless of engineering discipline. By the end of the second year, however, it will be necessary for the student to decide on their UMCP major in order to ensure that discipline specific courses needed can be taken in their third year.

Degree Requirements

Towson University and UMCP both have three major requirements which must be completed in order to receive a B.S. degree from their institution:

  1. student must complete all requirements specified by their major program.
  2. A student must complete all General Education (CORE) requirements.
  3. A student must complete 120 total credits of course work.

Towson Degree – The program is designed so that students complete requirements 1 and 2 during their time at Towson University. Typically this amounts to ~99 credits of course work. To complete this in three years requires ~16-17 credits of coursework per semester. After the third year at Towson, the student will transfer to UMCP and take 12-15 credits of engineering courses per semester. After their first year at UMCP (fourth in the program), the student will then accumulate and transfer back to Towson the necessary course credits to satisfy requirement 3. At this point the student has satisfied all of Towson’s requirements and can apply for graduation and obtain his/her degree. So the Towson B.S. degree is typically obtained in four years.

UMCP Degree – The introductory courses which students would have taken during their first two years at UMCP will, essentially, be done at Towson. So when the student transfers down to UMCP, they will have completed a significant amount of freshman and sophomore level courses. Additionally, the general education courses from Towson will transfer as a package to UMCP. Thus, satisfying Towson CORE requirements will automatically satisfy UMCP’s General Education requirements. In their fourth and fifth years of the program, students only need to take engineering courses necessary to satisfy requirement 1. Once completed, all three requirements to graduate will be satisfied and the student receives his/her degree from UMCP.

Therefore, the timeline is: Towson degree after 4th year. UMCP degree after the 5th year.

Here are specific class requirements and suggested schedules for popular engineering majors. For other engineering majors, please contact a dual degree advisor.

Civil Engineering (pdf)
Electrical Engineering (pdf)
Mechanical Engineering (pdf)