student being advised by faculty member

The Towson University Pre-Med/Pre-Dent Committee includes nine to ten faculty members from the biology, chemistry, physics and psychology departments. The committee interviews students who apply for admission to medical or dental school, and prepares letters of recommendation.  Dr. Laura Martin currently serves as director of the committee.

Aspiring physicians and dentists should choose a major that interests them to make their undergraduate education more rewarding and stimulating, as well as provide a potential “plan B” career path.  Students will then satisfy the requirements of their major, as well as the prerequisite courses listed on the Admission Requirements page.  Thus students will have an academic advisor from their major department, that they will meet with at least once a semester and who will be responsible for lifting their academic advising hold.  Students will also be able to consult with a Pre-professional Advisor (usually Dr. Martin) who can help you determine optimal timing of coursework, testing, and application to medical or dental school, as well as suggest ways to improve your competitiveness for medical or dental school.