Bridges to the Doctorate Application

Please submit the following application to be considered for the Bridges to the Doctorate program.


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Educational Background
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Graduate Information

GRE Information (if available)
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Fellowships or Awards

Research Experience

In 2500 words or fewer, please write a personal essay that describes your qualifications, your proposed research topic, your academic and career aspirations and how participation in the Bridge to the Doctorate program will be transformative for you. Please attach essay as separate document.

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Research Interests


Using the letter of recommendation link please send this to your references listed below. Here your recommender will upload a letter of recommendation in support of your application to the Bridges to the doctorate program.

Bridges to the Doctorate Letter of Recommendation

Character and Conduct

Program Commitment

I certify that all parts of this application packet are complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that:

  • Submission of false information may subject me for denial or revocation of the Bridge to the Doctorate program.
  • I will not be allowed to continue in the Bridge to the Doctorate program if my academic progress does not meet enrollment and cumulative GPA requirements stated in the guidelines for my degree program.
  • My eligibility to continue in the Bridge to the Doctorate program is contingent on my majoring in a STEM discipline and actively participating in the Bridge to the Doctorate program activities.
  • I must be committed to the pursuit of a PhD in the biomedical sciences.