TOPS @ TU is a program committed to celebrating diverse experiences and perspectives.

We are designed to help ensure students' success in STEM majors. As members of the TOPS community, students are required to participate in TOPS events:

  • TOPS Summer Experience (July 24 - July 29, 2022)
    See documents listed on the right.
  • Residential Learning Community
  • Bi-weekly Cohort meetings
  • All-Cohort Events
  • Tutoring
  • Mentoring
  • Field Trips
  • Social Events

In addition, students enjoy access to a study area and computer lab available only to TOPS students.

TOPS is also a learning community of science students who share an interest in STEM Careers, research opportunities and sharing what they know with others through peer mentoring. We can help you locate tutors for your challenging courses and facilitate study groups which are known to improve student success. In addition, we guide individual students to resources on campus that will enable them to succeed.

At Towson, the following departments and majors fall within STEM:

Students from under-served communities in the Baltimore region who are interested in pursuing a major in one of these fields should consider applying to the TOPS program.


For more information, contact us at .