Advancing Women in the Workplace Workshop

With the demand for flexibility, women have a unique opportunity to inform the new “normal” of work and redefine work/life balance in order to advance themselves in the workplace.

According to a MetLife survey of 2,000 U.S. workers, nearly half of all women said the pandemic has negatively impacted their career paths. In fact, nearly one in five women reported that they’ve been pushed out of the labor force altogether.

But there’s an upside. Coupled with the Great Resignation, the convergence of these trends presents a unique opportunity for women to make quick advances into leadership positions—including a chance to upskill, explore new pathways, and redefine the way we work.

During this two-day workshop, women will craft the next steps of their journeys—assessing their strengths and values to align themselves to their leadership purpose. They will also build a network of supporters to advance their leadership and to champion success women across the workforce.

About the workshop

All levels of women leaders

  • Discover strategies to enhance your leadership capacity and presence
  • Gain the insight and confidence to impact your organization and community in powerful ways
  • Explore tactics to create a work-life rhythm that aligns with your values and leadership story
  • Experience the power of collaboration across leadership styles and functional teams
  • Generate a supportive and motivating network of women for your professional and personal growth
  • A woman’s unique leadership voice can galvanize and engage others to achieve positive results.
  • Women can capitalize on the current environment by taking on the challenges of change with power and confidence.
  • It is not only possible, but essential, to redefine your work-life rhythm to effectively navigate dynamic and uncertain environments.

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