Individual Contributor to Leader Workshop

Too often, individuals are promoted to supervisory, or management roles based on
technical experience without an investment in developing their management skills.
This one-day seminar supports the transition from an individual contributor to a
manager and provides skills to enhance communication, provide feedback, delegate
tasks and prioritize responsibilities on a larger scale.

About the seminar

New supervisors/managers

  • Better understand their individual leadership style, focusing on natural strengths and opportunities for growth, while learning how to identify the style those they’re leading respond best to
  • Practice tactical preparation steps to deliver meaningful and specific feedback, keeping an eye toward the impact on team morale and overall culture
  • Learn techniques for effectively and clearly communicating expectations of direct-reports
  • An overview of a variety of leadership styles and the advantages and
    disadvantages of each
  • The importance of self and social-awareness in fostering an open, trust-based communication style
  • Acknowledging growth and vulnerability by responding with “I don’t know, but I will work to find out” when asked a question to which they don’t have the answer
  • Understanding the role of emotion in communicating transparently and clearly
  • Seeking to understand and asking questions is a critical component of building high-trust relationships

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