Manager to Leader Workshop

This innovative two-day workshop is for individuals who have the capacity and determination to ascend within their organizations. Participants will partake in self exploration, practice intentional influencing through various leadership styles, forge team collective leadership to drive goals forward, and harness hands-on strategies and applications to foster employee engagement.

About the workshop

Mid-level managers

  • Practice skills to display personal emotional intelligence while fostering an emotionally aware and positive workplace climate
  • Develop relationship-driven behaviors and task-driven behaviors to make a difference for advancement, and preparation to mentor others on both skill sets
  • Practice adapting communication styles for various audiences to amplify influence and impact
  • Understanding the collective why of your team and what keeps them motivated, as well as their individual goals for professional success.
  • Promoting inclusion and diversity of perspectives as a way to gain allies in your talent development efforts, creating a cadre of voices who can lead-by-example, by your side
  • Updates to the definition of Emotional Intelligence and the role emotion and relationships play in professional environments.
  • Activation techniques and communication approaches to respect others’ space, acknowledge the presence of emotion, and reframe the conversation in a positive light.

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