Building Professional Well-Being Seminar

With the challenges and stresses of the past few years, personal well-being and the well-being of our people are top priority.

When leaders adopt a well-being mindset and healthier lifestyle habits as non-negotiables, the results are powerful opportunities for resilience when deadlines, pressure and business demands are very real. The lead by example benefits of purposeful and realistic self-care techniques can inspire team members toward their own well-being priorities. With intention, leaders can help personal well-being become a new professional badge of honor, with evidence to support that enhancing how we rest, fuel and move makes an impact on the biggest bottom line, our longevity.

During this seminar, leaders will hear about the impact of wellness on themselves and their organizations in order to integrate well-being across their own leadership habits, that in turn can translate into a culture of well-being for their organizations.

Upcoming Offering: November 9, 2022 from 9 a.m.–3 p.m. 


About the seminar

All levels

  • Understand the business case for promoting well-being and connection with individual and organizational resiliency, especially in times of change or uncertainty
  • Begin setting professional priorities and boundaries and making time for realistic well-being practices within your work/life rhythm
  • Learn the key pillars of well-being and align healthy habits with the greater sense of why it matters to your leadership journey
  • Acknowledge that all leaders are often so focused on serving and supporting others that their batteries can get run down. Important to recognize that energy management is real for all humans no matter what title you wear to work
  • Redefine self-care and recognize the value of prioritizing a healthy mind-set, positive habits, and the pursuit of inspiration, embedding these practices into their daily work
  • Embracing well-being means prioritizing work/life rhythm and leading by example for your team
  • Tactics for opening this conversation up to teams/employees
  • Leaders will walk away with a greater sense of how to integrate well-being across their organizations.

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