Building Professional Well-Being Workshop

Explore the mindset and tools managers need to integrate personal well-being in their own leadership habits and, in turn, translate these strategies into the culture of their organizations.

We are living in a time when work-life rhythm is up for consideration. If it feels like your organization is still grappling with the challenges and stresses of the past few years, you are not alone. Many leaders have reached a point of reckoning in which their well-being and the well-being of their people demands top priority. These leaders are being called upon to not only grow in their own wellness behaviors, but to foster the wellness of their teams in ways that promote trust, retention, effectiveness, and satisfaction.

When leaders adopt well-being as non-negotiable, the results build powerful opportunities to tap into resilience when deadlines, pressure, and business challenges require your very best. With intention and authenticity, leaders can pave the way to make personal well-being a new professional badge of honor, armed with evidence to support that enhancing how we think, rest, fuel, and move makes an impact on the biggest bottom line of all—our engagement in work and in life.

Sold Out: June 6, 2024, 9 a.m.–3 p.m.

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About the workshop

All levels

  • Understand the business case for promoting well-being and its connection to individual and organizational resiliency, especially in times of change or uncertainty
  • Uncover barriers to personal and organizational well-being and create an empowering path forward that is focused on identity, intention, and values
  • Learn the key pillars of well-being and align healthy habits with the greater sense of why it matters to your leadership journey
  • Redefine self-care and recognize the value of prioritizing a healthy mindset, positive habits, and the pursuit of inspiration, embedding these practices into your daily work
  • Begin to establish professional priorities, boundaries, and wellness practices that are realistic and resonate with your own work-life rhythm.
  • Discover strategies to integrate well-being into your workplace culture to maximize employee engagement
  • The path to well-being and demonstration of well-being are different for every person and every organization.
  • Individual well-being is critical to foster employee engagement, leadership capacity, and organizational resilience.
  • For sustainable results, it is necessary to strengthen your mindset about well-being before you identify behaviors to support it.
  • Embracing well-being means prioritizing work-life rhythm and leading by example for your team.

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