Critical Conversations Workshop

Across almost every industry, the global pandemic has negatively and significantly impacted businesses and their bottom lines, potentially putting even more pressure on leaders to deliver results. And yet, the same global pandemic has also wreaked havoc on businesses’ most precious asset—its people. Leaders need to make adjustments and accommodations for their teams in compassionate and thoughtful ways that still enable them to drive results.

About the workshop

All levels
  • Advantages and disadvantages of various feedback models
  • Tactics for how to actively listen to employees and customize communication styles
  • Tools for delivering timely, specific and meaningful feedback
  • Build a culture of compassionate feedback by normalizing the giving and receiving of feedback
  • Express gratitude with specificity when people exceed expectations
  • Consistently reinforce the why behind the what in communications
  • Identify opportunities to collaborate on how the goals are
  • Actively solicit input and respond to feedback on how the work gets achieved
  • Prepare and practice challenging conversations and ensure follow-up
  • Demonstrate and invite appropriate levels of vulnerability in conversations

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