Mission & Goals

Honors student smiling while walking at commencement

Read the Honors College statement following up on the program's June 2 message in solidarity with the Black community.

Honors Solidarity Statement (PDF)

Vision Statement

The Honors College at Towson University aspires to be a premier provider of honors education that is recognized regionally and nationally for academic excellence, as well as for its curricular and co-curricular innovations linking the themes of globalization, leadership and urbanization.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Honors College is to forge a diverse community of students, faculty and staff bound by a shared desire to challenge themselves academically, personally and professionally. To fulfill this mission the Honors College seeks to provide its students with an innovative and evolving selection of curricular and co-curricular opportunities designed to cultivate and foster the core values on which it is founded.

Core Values

Academic excellence: Students will strive individually and together in groups to explore, connect and understand critical challenges, issues, problems and questions in the arts, business, education, health, humanities and sciences. They will also gain a significant understanding and excel in at least one major discipline.

Global perspective: Students will engage in curricular and co-curricular experiences that will equip them with the kinds of experiences, knowledge and skills needed to function as competent citizen leaders in an increasingly global and urbanized world.

Leadership: Students will contribute to the life of the college, the university and to the larger communities to which they belong, as engaged participants and leaders.

Diversity: Students will embrace diversity of culture, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, race and religion as authentic sources of human richness to be appreciated, valued and celebrated.

Creative and critical thinking: Students will develop the ability to analyze and synthesize information, to solve problems creatively and to communicate clearly and effectively.

Lifelong learning: Students will regard the pursuit of knowledge and quest for wisdom as a lifelong activity that demands constant commitment and growth –— both personally and professionally.