Advice for TU’s newest students

By Kyle Hobstetter on January 28, 2020

To welcome a new crop of students transferring in, members of TU’s Orientation Leader team share advice on transitioning to Towson University.

Former transfer students, and current orientation leaders
With more than 900 transfer students starting at Towson University this spring, four orientation leaders share their advice for the newest members of the TU community. 

As the 2020 spring academic term begins, more than 900 new students have transferred to Towson University to continue their academic journey.

Students transferring in are pivotal part to the TU community, as they account for more than 52% of the student population. 

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To help these new students assimilate to their new campus home, we asked former transfer students, who are now orientation leaders, for their advice for the newest members of the Towson University community.

Ramona Thomas '21

Ramona Thomas ‘21

Dance Major from Yardley, Pennsylvania
Transferred to TU in 2018  

I would encourage new transfers to get involved on campus and do as many things as they would like to do and enjoy. I’m in a lot of dance-related clubs and activities. I’m choreographing pieces for shows. I’m a orientation leader, a student ambassador, I’m involved with bible study group on campus called Grace Life, and I’m also in Black Student Union and the Marine Life Club.

Getting involved helped me get comfortable here and meet new people by making connections.


Sophia Rampolla '21

Sophia Rampolla ’21

Accounting major from Reisterstown, Md.
Transferred to TU in 2018

Don’t be afraid to try new things!

At my first school, I didn’t really leave my dorm. I’m a very outgoing person, but in that new environment I was very sheltered. So, when I came to TU, I made a pact with myself to try one new thing each semester. I didn’t have to keep doing it, I just had to try it. My first semester I joined an acapella group, next semester I joined a service group, and next semester I plan on joining an accounting club.

Trying new things helped my college experience. I’ve met all my closest friends through clubs and organizations on campus and through my jobs.


Timmie Wilson Jr. '21

Timmie Wilson ‘21

Exercise Science major from Baltimore, Md.
Transferred to TU in 2018 

Stay focused on what’s important, and try to have a complete college experience.

Make sure you have some fun, but don’t forget to focus on your school work and your career path. Getting the whole college experience will help you go a long way in life and that’s something I noticed as I went along here at TU.  

At my prior school, I focused 100% on my school work, and I didn’t open myself to things that could have helped me get jobs and volunteer opportunities. Now that I opened myself up, I was able to get jobs on campus, volunteer opportunities, and I’ve been able to meet people. It’s really opened some doors.  


Dan Kolton '20

Dan Kolton ‘20

History major from Springfield, NJ
Transferred to TU in 2016

Getting a job on campus is the best thing I did.

Go onto Handshake (TU’s free online job and internship database) and just over-apply for everything. Go and see and apply to everything you think you would be good at.  

You get to meet new people in an office environment. And even if you’re not in an office, you get to be around the same people, plus you’re getting paid. And you’re meeting people with similar interests as you.  

Learn more about programs, services and resources offered to TU’s transfer students by checking out the Towson University Transfer Student Center.  

If you’re interested in transferring to Towson University, learn more about the transfer admissions process.  

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