Printing Services

Printing Services oversees Printing and Duplicating Services, Copies Plus, Central Photocopy, and the Student Pay-For-Print Program. Our range of services provides convenient, cost-effective printing and copying services for the campus community.

Printing and Duplicating Services

Printing and Duplicating Services is the main full-service print facility located at 7800 York Rd. We can accommodate your black-and-white or full-color digital printing needs. We offer a variety of professional offset printing, binding and copying services. See our FAQ page for a full description of services.

Take advantage of Printing Services’ “web-to-print” solution. Faculty and staff can send print work instantly from the convenience of home or office. Navigate our full suite of print products and finishing services, upload your documents, see a proof, and receive a quote all in one easy to use storefront. 

Digital Storefront Instructions for Digital Storefront (PDF)

Before submitting your work for print, be sure to familiarize yourself with TU's brand standards or start with one of the digital design tools.  For more complicated projects, contact our design team at Design & Graphic Services to help guide your creation.  

Copies Plus

Copies Plus is a satellite copy center located in Cook Library. Copies Plus provides faculty, staff and students with high-quality services, including full-color copying, laminating, collating and stapling, spiral binding and fax services. Copies Plus also sells a small number of educational supplies, including pencils, pens, highlighters, bluebooks, computer disks, index cards and report covers.

Central Photocopy

Central photocopy is responsible for the fleet of networked departmental photocopiers on campus, including managing photocopy charges, handling vendor invoices and providing first-level copier support. From setting up passwords to track copy usage to conducting inventory on supplies, we take care of TU's photocopy needs. Contact us for assistance, or reference our instructions (PDF) for scheduling service calls and placing supply orders.  Our departmental charge includes paper, supplies, maintenance, parts, machine upgrades and internal billing.  

Student Pay-For-Print

WEPA is a cloud-based print solution that allows you to upload your documents on-the-go, and print them at any of the conveniently located WEPA Print Stations located throughout the Towson University campus.  Should you need support to use a WEPA station, contact the Office of Technology Services Student Services Printing.

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Contact Information

Printing Services Main Office

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8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.