Awards/Bid Results

Note:  Bid tabulations reflect prices recorded at bid opening. Prior to award, bid prices and accompanying documents are subject to verification.


Solicitation No. Descr. Bid Opening or award date Awarded Vendor Proc. Rep.
TU-2407 Fiber Installation 10/2/2023 Bluestar Technologies, Inc

TU-2404 401 Washington Ave Building Envelope Sealant 9/12/2023 Western Speciality Contractors

Nina Baxter

TU-2402 Title IX Consulting Services 8/22/2023 Grand River Solutions Inc.

TU-2401-SBR Brand Perception Study 11/3/2023 The Research Associates

TU-2343 Fire Alarm Testing, Inspection, and Maintenance 11/30/2023 BFPE International

TU-2342 Towson Run Stream Restoration 7/24/2023 Ecotone, Inc

TU-2340-SBR On-Call Brick and Masonry 8/24/2023 Colossal Contractors Inc

TU-2338 Glen Towers Generator Replacement 9/11/2023 Brawner Builders

Nina Baxter

TU-2337-SBR Glen Tower C Data Cable Upgrade 6/1/2023 Technical Specialties, Inc

TU-2336 Non-Alcoholic Beverage Pouring Rights 8/1/2023 Coca-Cola Consolidated Inc

TU-2332 Residence Building Paint Project Summer 2023 5/9/2023 JB Contracting, Inc, Total Contracting Inc

TU-2331-SBR Flexim Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter Electrical Installation Requirements, Phase II 5/3/2023 The Eastern Sales and Engineering Co.

TU-2330 Towsontown Garage Stairs Repair and Rehabilitation 5/9/2023 A.R. Marani Inc

TU-2324 On-Call Supply and Delivery of Paper Stock 8/4/2023 Veritiv Operating Company, B.W. Wilson Paper Company, Lindenmeyr Munroe

TU-2323 On-Call Printing 8/21/2023 PCA LLC, Peabody Press Inc, YGS Group, Art & Negative Graphics Inc

TU-2322 Coach and School Bus Transportation 7/1/2023 Academy Express LLC, Chesapeake Charter Inc, DTS Worldwide Transportation LLC

TU-2320-SBR Interpreting Services 8/18/2023 Birnbaum Interpreting Services, HIS Sign LLC, HASA/CIRS, MAIG, Vital Signs LLC

TU-2319 Service Award Premiums and Program Administration 8/16/2023 MTM Recognition Corp

TU-2318 Naming Rights Consultant 7/1/2023 Legends Hospitality LLC

TU-2316 Implementation of Admissions CRM 3/1/2023 Waybetter, LLC



TU-2315 Campuswide Dining Services 7/1/2023 Aramark Educational Services LLC


Crowd Management Services 7/1/2023 Safe Management Inc

TU-2311 Science Complex Electronic Access Control 12/5/2022 Easter's Lock & Security

Nina Baxter

TU-2223 Admissions CRM Software 10/1/2022 Technolutions, Inc.


TU-2108 On-Call Snow Removal 9/21/20  
TU-2105 On-Call Painting 1/13/21  
TU-2073-SBR Center for the Arts Kaplan Concert Hall Projection Screen Project 4/28/20  
TU-2072-SBR On-Call Asbestos Abatement 6/12/20  
TU-2067 Loading Dock Door Replacement: Field House & Towson Center 4/3/20  
TU-2060-SBR General Services Cabling 3/31/20  
TU-2054 On-Call Tree Maintenance Services 2/24/20  
TU-2053 Towsontown & Glen Parking Garage Restoration 2/19/20  
TU-2052-SBR SECU Promonade Repairs 3/6/20  
TU-2047 TU Power Plant Boiler and Fuel Tank Upgrade 2/24/20  
TU-2041 On-Call Industrial Hygiene 6/22/20