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The Procurement Department offers resources on Stratus Financials functions through a series of detailed self-help documents in PDF format and selected videos.

Please review the self-help documents, presentations and videos available via the links under the headings throughout this page. If further assistance is needed, please contact the Procurement Department at or 410-704-2171.

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Expenses: ProCard

ProCard FAQ

Yes, all cardholders are responsible for reviewing, reallocating, if necessary, reconciling and submitting their ProCard transactions. By submitting, card holders approve their expense reports. After submission, expense reports will be reviewed and approved by their supervisor, cost center manager and financial steward.

The cardholder’s transactions would be approved by their supervisor and financial stewards so for auditing purposes, this is sufficient.

No. Students will not have a Stratus Financials login.

Yes. A cardholder will be able to  reallocate to other cost centers but the financial stewards and cost center managers of those cost centers need to approve them. The current ProCard reallocation and reconciliation system is going away. There should be open communication with any financial stewards and cost center managers about transactions hitting their budgets.

Yes. Cardholders will still receive a monthly statement via US Bank. However, cardholders are no longer required to submit their signed monthly statement.


Purchasing FAQ

TU employees can enter requisitions to purchase goods and services using Stratus. Requisitions can be entered directly into the system or selected through a “Shopping List” when a group of items are frequently purchased together. The Shopping List is helpful for repeat purchases. It allows you to group a list of items that are frequently purchased together and select from the list to create your purchase requisition.

Find your latest requisitions and view approval status using the “Recent Requisitions” or the “Manage Requisitions” search feature. You can click the "Pending Approval" link to review your requisition’s progress in the approval process. See the life cycle of purchase orders, receipts and invoices for a specific requisition using the “View Life Cycle” button.

The Procurement Office will post announcements about newly executed contracts, policy updates and other helpful information in Stratus’s “Purchasing News."

Yes. All purchase orders, goods or services will need to be received in Stratus and anyone within the department can complete the receiving within the system, not just Central Receiving. The receiving action signifies your approval to pay a purchase order invoice and replaces the signed code block from DocuSign.


who to contact

Stratus Financials Team

For questions regarding Stratus Financials general navigation, chart of accounts,  journal uploads, reporting, or Stratus Financials access, please see our Training & Resources page. You may also contact the Stratus Financials Team at  or 410-704-2188.

Business Travel

For questions regarding travel expenses, please contact the Business Travel Office at or 410-704-5421.

Stratus training and resources for travel expenses can be found here.

Financial Services Help Line

For questions regarding Payroll or Accounts Payable please contact the Financial Services Help Line at  or 410-704-5599.

Stratus training and resources for employee reimbursements and payables can be found here.