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Accounts Payable offers resources on Stratus Financials functions through a series of detailed self-help documents in PDF format and selected videos.

Please review the self-help documents, presentations and videos available via the links under the headings throughout this page. If you still need assistance, please contact the Financial Services help line at x4-5599, option 1.

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Expenses: Employee Reimbursements

Employee Reimbursement FAQ

Employee (non-travel) reimbursements are moving into the expense module in Stratus and the employee MEV will be removed from our forms repository. The process for honoraria, consultants, non-employee, student and company expenses/reimbursements is not changing.

Employee reimbursements will follow the same approval workflow as travel and ProCard expense reports. It will first go to your immediate supervisor for review and approval, then to any cost center managers/financial stewards for approval, and then for final review and audit.

There is a delegate feature in Stratus that applies to employee reimbursements as well. You can delegate someone to enter expense items and reports on your behalf. Once submitted for approval by the delegated individual, they will come to you first to review/approve, before being sent to your immediate supervisor to review. Learn more about managing delegates (PDF).


Payables FAQ

Yes. Every department has an assigned cost center manager and financial steward in Stratus. For the workflow, the same person can't be the cost center manager and financial steward. For business processes, duties and tasks can overlap but for auditing purposes there needs to be a separation of duties.

Yes, you can see invoices charged to your cost center(s). No, invoices can't be “tagged” but they can be rejected and sent back to AP with a note that it will be paid via credit card. Keep in mind, invoices paid prior to go-live in PeopleSoft will not be converted to Stratus.

Yes. invoices can be split among multiple cost centers, and will then need to be approved by multiple cost center managers and financial stewards. The rule is two approvals per cost center, regardless of dollar amount on the invoice.

If they are not a cost center manager/financial steward in Stratus, then no. If they receive invoices for account coding as the requestor, they can add the distribution combination and backup documentation, but they will not actually be approving the invoice in Stratus.

Code blocks have been replaced by account coding in Stratus. When accounts payables receives an invoice, they route it to a requestor for account coding. The requestor enters the distribution combination (to where the invoice should be charged) and once completed, the invoice automatically gets picked up in the approval workflow for the cost center manager and financial steward to approve.

No. You’ll have the ability to email a copy of the invoice if needed, but they cannot be “routed” outside the system.

Yes. The single, streamlined Stratus system replaced PerceptiveContent/ImageNow, enabling quicker turnaround times.


who to contact

Stratus Financials Team

For questions regarding Stratus Financials general navigation, chart of accounts,  journal uploads, reporting, or Stratus Financials access, please see our Training & Resources page. You may also contact the Stratus Financials Team at  or 410-704-2188.

Business Travel

For questions regarding travel expenses, please contact the Business Travel Office at or 410-704-5421.

Stratus training and resources for travel expenses can be found here.

Procurement and ProCard Questions

For questions regarding ProCard and Purchasing, please contact the Procurement Department at or 410-704-2171.

Stratus training and resources for ProCard expenses and purchasing can be found here.