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STratus travel tips & Tricks

Helpful Facts on Travel Expenses in Stratus

See our Stratus Travel Tips & Tricks document (PDF) on authorizations, expense reports and more.


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Students do not have access to the Stratus Financial System. All student travel will be processed in DocuSign.

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Travel Expenses FAQ

Yes. Stratus replaced Tiger Travel. Students won't have access to Stratus. They will use DocuSign to submit travel authorizations and travel expenses. Travel expenses will be paid through Accounts Payable as a 'supplier' if they need reimbursement for a trip. The workflow in Stratus doesn't need to be maintained for students like it did in Tiger Travel. 

There is no specific template for International Travel. If traveling out of the country, the traveler will select the template “Out of State” and in the location field they’ll be able to select the specific city and or region of the country. In addition, there is a comment section to note important information pertaining to their trip.

Yes, an “Out of Office” rule can be set so that travel approvals can be delegated to another staff member. This feature is different than the managing delegate role because you can indicate a specific time frame in case you are out on extended leave or vacation. Set up “Out of Office” rules under preferences.

In Tiger Travel, the traveler preparer was either the employee or travel coordinator and they would create a travel authorization or expense form. 

In Stratus there will no longer be a role for the travel coordinator because anyone can enter expense forms, as well as enter account coding to accounts payable invoices. Employees will enter their own travel forms, or select the option to add someone as a delegate to manage travel forms on their behalf.

Oracle is functioning as delivered and requires each preauthorized expense item to be attached to the actual expense in the expense report. See-recommended business process changes on slide 20.  Note-if you have estimated expenses which have the same cost center and you underestimated one but were over in the other, you can attach the same authorization to your expense.  The only time you will receive an error is if the cost center is different. The travel team is currently testing some possible solutions to this issue.  Solutions must also be audit complaint.

That is a departments business process and if they want the admins to create, edit and submit forms on the faculty members behalf the faculty member needs to delegate.  A suggestion would be for the Dean and Chair to send out a communication with Delegation instructions. Most admins in the past were the old travel coordinator. Therefore, one of their roles and functions was to process travel.  Nothing has changed other than terminology.

This is not a true statement. From your home page click on Me and then the Expense Tile. Click on the Snow globe to the left.  You will see a listing of all travel authorizations and their existing status (Withdrawn, Pending Manager Approval, Rejected, Approval completed etc.).  You can click on them for information.

Once a CCM or FS approves a form you will not see the form in your queue. However, you may run travel reports to check the status of the form.  Please see the Financial Systems training and resources page on how to run these reports.

Oracle requires that the end user replies to the email generated from Stratus in order to restart the workflow. The emails generated from Stratus typically have the subject “Information Requested: Expense Approval EXP0000XXXXXXXX for User”. Reply to this email and the workflow will move on in the approval process.


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Stratus Financials Team

For questions regarding Stratus Financials general navigation, chart of accounts,  journal uploads, reporting, or Stratus Financials access, please see our Training & Resources page. You may also contact the Stratus Financials Team at  or 410-704-2188.

Financial Services Help Line

For questions regarding Payroll or Accounts Payable please contact the Financial Services Help Line at  or 410-704-5599.

Stratus training and resources for employee reimbursements and payables can be found here.

Procurement and ProCard Questions

For questions regarding ProCard and Purchasing, please contact the Procurement Department at or 410-704-2171.

Stratus training and resources for ProCard expenses and purchasing can be found here.