Accounts Payable reimburses employees and students for miscellaneous expenses not related to travel. Travel expense refunds such as registration fees, tolls, etc must be processed through the Tiger Travel System.

Miscellaneous Reimbursements

Miscellaneous Expense Voucher

Please use the Miscellaneous Expense Voucher to process a refund request for expenses such as supplies, retail points, equipment purchases, camp refunds, parking refunds, key deposits, etc. The expense voucher is used for petty cash expenditures under $100.00, to settle a Working Fund general advance (non-travel) or to process payments through Accounts Payable when an invoice is not available and the Visa procurement card is not an option.

Refund requests for amounts over $100.00 are processed through Accounts Payable to the General Accounting Division (GAD) in Annapolis for reimbursement to employees. Effective since April 12, 2004, all employees that receive payroll funds by direct deposit will also receive their expense reimbursements by direct deposit. No notification of reimbursement will be sent from GAD. Checks will only be issued from the Treasurer's Office for employees who are not signed up for direct deposit through Payroll.

For instructions on how to fill out the Miscellaneous Expense Voucher please select the appropriate link below:

Miscellaneous Expense Voucher - Company Instructions (PDF)
Miscellaneous Expense Voucher - Employee Instructions (PDF)
Miscellaneous Expense Voucher - Non-Employee Instructions (PDF)
Miscellaneous Expense Voucher - Student Instructions (PDF)

Unsure of what expense account code to use on your Miscellaneous Expense Voucher? The Financial Systems & Technology PeopleSoft Chart of Accounts has a full listing of expense account codes with descriptions.

PeopleSoft Chart of Accounts

Petty Cash Reimbursement

For information regarding petty cash reimbursement, please see the Business Travel page.

Non-Reimbursable Expenses for Consultants/Contractors

For any agreements initiated since October 2004, Towson University will NOT separately reimburse consultants and contractors for their expenses. For example, departments may not purchase airfare on behalf of a consultant or contractor. Miscellaneous expense vouchers will no longer be acceptable. All expenses must be included in the per diem rate or the total contract amount. Payment for services rendered will only be released upon submission of a proper invoice by the consultant or contractor outlining services provided and fees charged. All invoices must be submitted directly to Accounts Payable.

This change is necessary to ensure that the university complies with IRS regulations. The IRS classifies various types of payments as compensation. Consulting fees, travel expenses, royalties, honoraria, guest speaker fees, stipends, etc., are all considered compensation by the IRS. If the payment is pursuant to a service and/or if it is expected, it is taxable and must be treated as compensation.

Please direct questions to the Financial Services help line at x4-5599, option 1.

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